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Team Skarsgard vs Team Pattinson – Which side will you choose?

Dear Rob Alex,  

It’s time. I’m ready to stir it up again, cause a little commotion, turn some heads. And I’m over Robsten/Kristen silly relationship speculation, it’s SOOO tired. But the speculation and hub-bub that surrounds many of your fans love for both you and Alexander Skarsgard still befuddles me. It’s even sweeping the nation. Ted C that whacky Robsten lover and purveyor of gossip over at E! recently made this video asking celebs if they were Team Skarsgard or Team Edward (Robert RON is his name, HELLO!)  

Now I understand HOTAlex is a good looking man, no doubt about it. And I REALLY love me some True Blood (back June 13th, FYI! Set your DVR’s) and his character Eric Northman cracks me up buuuutttttt I’m not sure I think he RON’s hotter than you. I’m seriously sticking my neck out by saying this at all Rob Alex, but I thought we could put it up to a vote… I need this settled for once and for all. Who is hotter Rob RON or HOTAlex!  

Time for a face off!  

Are the Ron's going to make out here?


Round #1
Edward vs Eric


We have Edward Ron in all his tall fluffed out hair, pale pancake  make-up and lovely Revlon lip stain vs  fanged up death stare, long short haired, Eric.  

Edward vs Eric


Round #2
Formal Wear


De tuxing so we can get to the fun stuff Alex vs Ron, also in a tux  

We get REAAAAALLLYYY serious after the cut with more Rob Ron vs. HOTAlex FACEOFF!
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Dear LTAers,

I know we may be causing several frownsmiles with what I’m about to say, so I’m just going to say it as fast as possible (just like ripping off a band-aid)…

Letters To Alex is going on indefinite hiatus.

Our mojo is gone *cough* we made our point *cough*,  so until the need arises again (TWSS) we’ll be watching and waiting until more unoriginal and uncreative blogs for inspiration.


TheSunIsUp and VeryMuchIntendedChoice

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Alex and Dakota on Leno, this means War!

Someone is NOT with Coco!

Dear Dakota and Kristen Alex,

***Please replace every mention of Dakota or Kristen with the name ALEX in this linked letter below.***



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Caption This – Alex at the Oscars

Dear Kristen Alex,

You looked amaazzzing at the Oscars. Like seriously girl Man- I am coveting your dress. I knew you had girlie dude in you. I knew you had a hairstylist on speed dial. I knew you could glam it up for one night and chit chat with Hollywood elite and pretend to like it. It was the Oscars after all!

I was struck, after looking through the Oscar galleries from the red carpet & after parties, with the desire to figure out what was going on while the photos were being taken. I mean- you got a picture with Evan Lysacek gold medalist male ice skater. Was that on a dare from Taylor? Did Rob text you and request a picture for his mom?

So I declare today “After Oscars Caption Party,” and I’m gonna have fun! Thanks for letting me!

Unintended Choice VeryMuchIntendedChoice

Okay Anjelica Houston is TOO MUCH FUN to only caption one picture:

There were two more pictures that I thought I’d caption, but then I stopped…. I was being selfish. Why am I the only one who gets to have fun? So…. I implore YOU to join in the fun- caption one or both of these pictures. Write your caption in the comments or download the pictures and add text using a program like my fav- Picnik– and link to it in the comments for all to see!!

I have a few options for prizes too! WHOO HOO. I have two different, unopened New Moon calendars (Cuz who doesn’t need a 2010 calendar at the beggining of March) OR a paperback copy of The Lovely Bones with the movie cover. Your choice.

Give “Thumbs up” to the caption you think deserves to win! The Most thumbs up is our winner (Thumbs down DO NOT count against you!)

Have fun! I did

Thanks to Moon SunisUp & CalliopeBlabs for their help!

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Disclaimers are necessary

It has come to my attention that some people are confusing us with other blogs, so like any good unoriginal blogger, I copied this from another blog:

*Oh and by the way, we are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Letters To Twilight or Letters To Rob (yeah we know about them)….they have their opinions and we have ours!*

I really hope that disclaimer helped clarify some things, because we can’t have you mistaking us for a blog that isn’t ours even if we have a very similar title, style, format, tags, segments, categories, etc.

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Writing Letters to Alex, because that is how you blog when you love someone

I Love Alexander Skarsgard, so I decided to show my love by writing him letters everyday.

Does this concept sound familiar? It should, I stole it and this blog template from

I am a huge fan of Alex and Blog creativity.