Posted by: VeryMuchIntendedChoice | March 8, 2010

Writing Letters to Alex, because that is how you blog when you love someone

I Love Alexander Skarsgard, so I decided to show my love by writing him letters everyday.

Does this concept sound familiar? It should, I stole it and this blog template from

I am a huge fan of Alex and Blog creativity.



  1. I look forward to seeing what you’re going to do with the site. “Breaking it down Sookie style” or something would be really cool….

    • Breaking it down Sookie style! I love you UC.
      I also love True Blood and Alex Skarsgard so thumbs up.
      I don’t discriminate over fangy hotness.

    • I wonder what “Sookie Style” would entail?

      • we’d stuff our bras and wear white T’s.. I know that.

        Oh silly me, I mean YOU would… I’m of course not involved in this at all

  2. Clearly you are the number 1 fan in the world, because a) you copied a blog concept – WIN b) you copied the format too – WIN! ALL WINS

    • Thank you. You should write for this blog.

  3. hahaha! Maybe you should call it “Letters to TrueBlood”. Might be hard to write to Alex EVERY DAY. I mean, he’s no Rob Pat.

    • Oh my that is the worst thing you could have ever said! I was thinking of just copying the letter written to Rob everyday from LTR. It can apply, right? They both play vampires after all.

      • Gotta love the “find & replace” feature, no?!

  4. Oh! Oh my!

    Hey, new bloggy friends… Can you write a letter about how he’s so big and burly he could probably wrap his arms around you twice? And that’s wicked sexy? Mmmm… Alex…

    • Of course. But I will have to consult UC and Moon on how to write about a large, manly man, instead of a thin boy.

  5. BITCCCCHHH YOU STOLE OU…. i mean i LOVE IT. hahaha and that bath tub. will be get to meet alex’s big daddy??

    • Of course, duh! I plan on using all LTT concepts. At least I am honest about it. 🙂

  6. Sure thing! make me a mod. I will happily copy all concepts from LTT and LTR. that’s how we roll!

  7. I bookmarked this blog!

  8. These below, couldn’t be more spot on. I am glad WordPress understands my blog so well. However, it should also include this related post:

    Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    The love Letter Technique
    The lost art of letter writing
    About This Blog/The Love Letters Project

    • I’m still waiting for access so I can start copying posts. *taps foot impatiently*

  9. Quit slacking and get the forum up already. JEEZ.

  10. This is fun. I will get my husband to be the “bobbygee” He likes TrueBlood with me.

    • Thumbs up!

  11. This sounds like an awesome concept. I love Alex, so I like this.

    • Yes, stealing blog ideas is an AWESOME concept. This is why we always win.


    • oh god, Im gonna run and hide

      • No, we need commentators. Please do not hide. We love our fans.

  13. I heart plagiarism!

    Thumbs UP!

    • Thank you! You are quite the dear.

    • “i heart plagiarism” FTMFW!…dood if i could i would totes marry you!!

  14. I love you something fierce…and I can’t wait to see if you “break it down sookie style” like UC mentioned! #youcouldneverhavetomuchAlex :D…P.S. you’re so full of #WIN its not even funny!!

    • Yes, Alex needs to have letters written to him. Only then will he understand our love.

  15. I thought I couldn’t love you bitches more then you go and prove me wrong with this GENIUS and 100% ORIGINAL concept. LTT/LTR who?


    • Orginal concepts just don’t exist. One must look to others for “inspriation”.

  16. You know, in your thievery you have managed to be creative. This is a skill that should be commended. 🙂  

    • Why thank you. Creativity is a blessing. And I realize that many people can coincidentally come up with the same concept. I just decided that I would steal the concept I wanted to use. At least I am honest.

  17. Dear Alex,

    Since the things I have to say to you are well, private. I sent in a separate letter just for your eyes only. I can’t wait for you to read it and also see the pic of me in my bathing suit that I sent. I’ve been working out!

    PS: I got the idea of me in a bathing suit from Letters to Rob. I hear a few fans sometimes send in pics of themselves like that. For the record, I don’t care if my pic is unoriginal and uncreative and copies what’s been done…I did it anyway!

    • Oh wonderful. We appreciate your honesty as you apparently do ours. We look forward to forwarding on your pictures to no where. We do not know Alex (sadly), but feel as though we should write him letters irregardless. This “letters to” concept is just too good to pass up.

  18. OMG your sister blog can be Letters to True Blood. I can see it now. Southern Fried Catfish will by your Filet O Fish, When you break it down “Sookie Style” you can have Southern Friend, Really Southern Friend, Southern California Friend, and Yankee Friend. Sexy Alex’s friends from the Infamous “shower scene” can be like the Brit Pack. I love stealing blog ideas, it’s so much easier than being creative. This is gonna be awesome. I am already writing my first letter to Alex’s bar of soap.

    • Yes, your list of “friends” for our “Sookie Style” break down, is spot on.

      Alex’s bar of soap will be very very thankful for the letter. I am sure.

  19. what if i take letters to alex and just replace them with rob’s name or taylors?! this will be AWESOME!!!

    • I am not sure you can do that. If I take your Letters to Rob and search & replace with Alex’s name, and then the next day, you do the same with Rob’s name. Then how can we steal each other’s ideas? I fear that the blogs would be too repetitive.

  20. Reader Request..
    Can we have a forum, we could call it ‘Fangtasia,’ or ‘Alex’s Crib’, you know something a little, kinda similar to Robs flat!

    • Of course my dear However, I do not have a geeky cousin, so a reader would have to take it upon themselves to create this sort of thing. But we must follow all things LTT/LTR if at all possible. But with our Alex twist of course.

  21. Cause I am the bombdizzle, I allowed for thumbs up and down!

    I realized without it we weren’t truly copying LTR. Something had to be done.

    • Well, you are truly a good blog partner (except for those 4 hours that you were MIA)

  22. Now Brooke and How2besexyalex need to be called something different. I’m thinking CU and Sun is Up…

    • HAHAHAHA. hmm, I’m not sure I know how to change my name. I’ll have to double check with UC and MOON, since I get all my ideas from them.

      • I approve this

      • I didn’t need you to approve (cause we copy without permission) I needed you to tell me how to do it!

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