Posted by: VeryMuchIntendedChoice | March 9, 2010

Caption This – Alex at the Oscars

Dear Kristen Alex,

You looked amaazzzing at the Oscars. Like seriously girl Man- I am coveting your dress. I knew you had girlie dude in you. I knew you had a hairstylist on speed dial. I knew you could glam it up for one night and chit chat with Hollywood elite and pretend to like it. It was the Oscars after all!

I was struck, after looking through the Oscar galleries from the red carpet & after parties, with the desire to figure out what was going on while the photos were being taken. I mean- you got a picture with Evan Lysacek gold medalist male ice skater. Was that on a dare from Taylor? Did Rob text you and request a picture for his mom?

So I declare today “After Oscars Caption Party,” and I’m gonna have fun! Thanks for letting me!

Unintended Choice VeryMuchIntendedChoice

Okay Anjelica Houston is TOO MUCH FUN to only caption one picture:

There were two more pictures that I thought I’d caption, but then I stopped…. I was being selfish. Why am I the only one who gets to have fun? So…. I implore YOU to join in the fun- caption one or both of these pictures. Write your caption in the comments or download the pictures and add text using a program like my fav- Picnik– and link to it in the comments for all to see!!

I have a few options for prizes too! WHOO HOO. I have two different, unopened New Moon calendars (Cuz who doesn’t need a 2010 calendar at the beggining of March) OR a paperback copy of The Lovely Bones with the movie cover. Your choice.

Give “Thumbs up” to the caption you think deserves to win! The Most thumbs up is our winner (Thumbs down DO NOT count against you!)

Have fun! I did

Thanks to Moon SunisUp & CalliopeBlabs for their help!



  1. Taylor: *sees a cliffhanger boogie* Oh, Alex, let me get that for you.


    Alex: Hand a little higher there, bubbo.

  2. UNintendedchoice & VERYMUCHintendedchoice should have a throw down

    • You’ll never find me.

  3. I’ve never seen True Blood, but I love this site! It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before on the internet!

    • Oh, I am so happy you’ve enjoyed it. But I need to tell you, that this blog post is just like another Vampire Blog site. The thing is….I like to use similar blog concepts as others. It’s how I roll. So I merely, opened up and read LTT this morning for “inspiration.”

      PS Don’t tell UC. I think she’s on to me.

      • She’ll never hear it from me.

  4. GENIUS!

    • Dammit…you took my comment!

      So, I will go with Brilliant! 🙂

  5. How you come up with the sheer genius each time I will never know. I humbly bow down to you.

  6. This is better than LTT. Sorry. I laughed at LTT earlier, but not as hard as I just laughed here.

    • In case you didn’t know…..*whispers* The whole post is from LTT today. It’s the same exact post, with some needed alterations to have it apply to Alex.

      Everything should apply to Alex.

  7. You are a DORK!!! 😀

    • You’re a bigger dork!

  8. Haha, I love that post! I mean I already loved the LTT post today but that white box saying “Alex’s face” makes it just that much better… 😉

    • Why thank you. I love the posts from LTT so much, I just have to use them, again. I mean when you care about a celeb and you love to write letters, it’s just what you should do.

      • Oh yes UC and Moon’s posts! LTT is the first blog I fell in love with EVER!
        forgot to mention that I love your tags as well. especially the one that says “Alex would rock that dress at the Oscars”^^

      • Thank you. Your compliments for both the site I steal from and my own blog tag usage are greatly appreciated.

  9. i think im going to start reading this LTA first and then maybe if i have time visit LTT ,
    that way it will be UC and Moon plagiarising you,

    • No No no no no. You do not understand the way it works. I copy them. I need their fab brains. Ugghh. Are my blog tags and categories not clear enough? I may result to posting, by directly….you’ll have to wait and see.

      • Your blog tags are hilarious, btw.

  10. OMG I love this whahaha.

  11. Holy fucking epic post that I should have known was happening since I, um, also run this blog. Does this make me TheSunIsUp?

    • Of course it does!

  12. The comments are cracking me up oh and the pictures. sigh VMIC, I ❤ you so.

    • As I do you. If only more people would apprciate our message. I see that they appreciate the funny, but sadly you can’t win everything.

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