Posted by: BrookeLockart | March 9, 2010

Disclaimers are necessary

It has come to my attention that some people are confusing us with other blogs, so like any good unoriginal blogger, I copied this from another blog:

*Oh and by the way, we are in no way, shape or form affiliated with Letters To Twilight or Letters To Rob (yeah we know about them)….they have their opinions and we have ours!*

I really hope that disclaimer helped clarify some things, because we can’t have you mistaking us for a blog that isn’t ours even if we have a very similar title, style, format, tags, segments, categories, etc.



  1. I don’t know much about this, but does he have any musician friends? I would be happy to start a fan community for any Friends of Alex Who Play Music That May or May Not Suck. I could call it… um… Land of Beamers? Land of Screamers? 80s Fashion For-evah?

  2. Phew. Thanks for writing this post. After a year of creative ideas, working our asses off to be different and unique, we’d NEVER want people to think this has anything to do with us, despite it having a similar feel, look and purpose….

    • You know I would say that one saying about copying is the highest form of flattery but the ‘yeah we know about them’ has just a little too much ass for my sass.

  3. Can I be the charter member of Land of Screamers??!!

    • You totes can, but first, I’m not finding any hobos around him. This confuses me. How can I get lyrics tattooed on my back if there are no hobos to write them?

      I’m spending the day Googling Alexbert and various ships. Will LYK what I find.

  4. You must have the greatest lawyer EVA to advise you on this!!

  5. Oh good, thanks for clarifying! Here I was thinking that LTT/LTR was being awesome and copying YOU. Guess I was wrong. Sadface.

  6. Thank gooness you cleared that up. I was starting to think you were a big fat plagerizer.

    • should always proofread before you send comments. because “gooness” is not a word. Should have just put #goo

      • We here do indeed welcome misspellings in all comments. And most especially enjoy the misspelling of “Good” and all its derivatives.

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