Posted by: BrookeLockart | March 10, 2010


Dear LTAers,

I know we may be causing several frownsmiles with what I’m about to say, so I’m just going to say it as fast as possible (just like ripping off a band-aid)…

Letters To Alex is going on indefinite hiatus.

Our mojo is gone *cough* we made our point *cough*,  so until the need arises again (TWSS) we’ll be watching and waiting until more unoriginal and uncreative blogs for inspiration.


TheSunIsUp and VeryMuchIntendedChoice



  1. This is the worst FrownSmile I’ve had all day!! Excuse me while I sob into my cheerios.

  2. “Why are you still here?”

    “Letters2Kristen are you listening?”

    You are fantastical!

  3. WHAT?????

    I just got here and now you’re closing down? Incomprehensible!

    Come back, come back…please…

  4. I’m so sad

  5. Wait.. come back tomorrow. and then quit again next week!

    • UC- you are so smart. See, I was coming here to leave that VERY EXACT SAME COMMENT. I was going to suggest to the fine fellas at this site that they quite, then un-quit blogging tomorrow- then quit again next week, but it looks like you, UC, have already suggested that. SO SMART

      • I’m sooooo holy confused at your conversation with yourself. Crazies getting to you?

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