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Team Skarsgard vs Team Pattinson – Which side will you choose?

Dear Rob Alex,  

It’s time. I’m ready to stir it up again, cause a little commotion, turn some heads. And I’m over Robsten/Kristen silly relationship speculation, it’s SOOO tired. But the speculation and hub-bub that surrounds many of your fans love for both you and Alexander Skarsgard still befuddles me. It’s even sweeping the nation. Ted C that whacky Robsten lover and purveyor of gossip over at E! recently made this video asking celebs if they were Team Skarsgard or Team Edward (Robert RON is his name, HELLO!)  

Now I understand HOTAlex is a good looking man, no doubt about it. And I REALLY love me some True Blood (back June 13th, FYI! Set your DVR’s) and his character Eric Northman cracks me up buuuutttttt I’m not sure I think he RON’s hotter than you. I’m seriously sticking my neck out by saying this at all Rob Alex, but I thought we could put it up to a vote… I need this settled for once and for all. Who is hotter Rob RON or HOTAlex!  

Time for a face off!  

Are the Ron's going to make out here?


Round #1
Edward vs Eric


We have Edward Ron in all his tall fluffed out hair, pale pancake  make-up and lovely Revlon lip stain vs  fanged up death stare, long short haired, Eric.  

Edward vs Eric


Round #2
Formal Wear


De tuxing so we can get to the fun stuff Alex vs Ron, also in a tux  

We get REAAAAALLLYYY serious after the cut with more Rob Ron vs. HOTAlex FACEOFF!

Round #3
Magazine Covers

YUUUMMMM in tux vs ummmmm not sure what is going on with Ron there  

*I assure you I goggled and found that pic of Ron. I can’t create/manip anything, not even an Avi.  

Round #4
Leather Jacket Before They Were Vamps

OH MY! This is just WRONG!  So, REAL MEN wear pink vs. chicken arms  

Round #5
Black and White


HOLY HOTNESS! Apples and Oranges…but those are some hot black & white pics!  

Round #6
Costars Fanmade Art


Hmmm Ronald McDonald hair Ron vs. I want you, I do Alex  

Round #7
Drunk Shower Scenes


Sorry folks, we all know Ron’s inaptitude for cleanliness. There is no contest here.  

You see my dilemma? You and Alex You and Ron are two good looking men and play hot ass Vampires but hopefully we can finally put to rest the whole Robert vs Alex Ron vs HOT Alex thing once and for all… *NOTE – if we can’t agree between them, as they are apples and oranges, we can atleast agree to do as @obird suggests and enjoy the fruit salad.    

Yes, Obird even created this gloriousness! YUMMMM


Faceoff! BRING IT!
Themoonisdown VeryMuchIntendedChoice  

 PS Do you hate love me more now Janetrigs?  

 Seriously, I know we have many Alex lovers out there so speak up… what is it about Alex that makes him so delicious, and WHY are him and Rob Ron compared so much? ANNDD most importantly if you HAD to choose Rob Ron or Alex HOTAlex in a hot freebie make out who would you choose? Can’t choose both! You can also choose to have a Fruit Salad!  

 Business Time:
Funny that we did a Rob vs Alex post today because we have a special note for you from one of these boys’ biggest fans! Our friend who hates us but only (sometimes) in a fake way… well, she hates a lot of things- including diabetes. She and her friend are involved in a walk for an organization Kristen actually came out to support last year- JDRF. Here’s a little message from Jane Trigs:  

Even though Moon & UC hate @janetrigs they LOVE her HATE of diabetes. Please give to Janetrigs, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Fundraising Walk.  

Also created by Obird, but altered slightly by VMIC

 -Give to JDRF because you hate @janetrigs, but appreciate her HATE of Diabetes
-Give to JDRF because you want @Laurastarra to raise more $$ than @janetrigs
-Give to JDRF because Kristen told you to
-Give to JDRF because Ron *and HOTAlex told would tell you to.  

 The JDRF Walk is this Sunday, June 6th and after Saturday, we promise to stop hounding you to give $$ to sick kids.
Janetrigs walk Fundraising Link
Laurastarra walk Fundraising Link



  1. It’s all about the pics… #TeamEric and stuff ❤

  2. I love you. You rule. My combusted panties have become subatomic particles.

  3. OMS…Ryan Kwanten, & his Australian self, rocks my world…”Who’s Edward?”

    How awesome is it that there’s still someone in the world who hasn’t a clue about Twilight? Pretty darn awesome, I’ll say. WIN.

    You know how I feel about real men vs. young twenty-somethings. While Ron is beautiful and talented & I do dig him a lot, I really just wanna be his buddy…you know, hang out in a coffee shop or bar while discussing literature and music.

    But Alex?
    Yeah, I wanna do a whole damn lot more than hang out with him. And we’ve seen his “hang out.” AHEM!

    Is all I’m sayin’…

  4. HotAlex is a tree I wanna climb.

  5. P.S. OMS, Janet!

    “Ron and his nose.”

    YES YES YES!!!!!! I’ve said all along that his nose is wonky. If he’s not photographed at the precise angle, his nose NEVER looks good.

    And I can say this, because my nose never looks good. I have the ugliest schnoz in the world. Ron & I need to start an ugly nose club. Dude.

  6. omg… when did you steal our layout.
    i love you

    i mean hate

  7. I love it….and I HATE you more than I ever did. I’m leaving to eat my fruit salad….twss.



  8. All sorts of win

    Even though I love Ron more than Alex

    I love you

    • And why is there no fruit salad option for ALL the choices? I know OBird would choose those. 🙂

      • I will have to speak with VMIC about that.

  9. The scene in True Blood when Eric goes to the basement to rip a man’s arms off…with FOILS in his hair??? Good gravy, people. That’s hot.

    I’ve never fully understood the RPatzz mystique. I won’t go so far as to claim myself a hater…he seems like a nice enough boy…

    And that’s just it. Comparing a boy to a man. Alex is all man. And we’ve seen proof of his manliness. And we’ve delighted in it. As evidenced by my sharp intake of breath during the above shower scene when he scrubs his peen.

    Yes, I do believe I just waxed poetic about the man’s ham and eggs. They deserve it.

    • You are my people. Although, I must say that the new Dirty Train Ron (DTR) pics have peaked my interests.

      • Of course Heather is my best friend. Please love her for saying “ham & eggs.” As I love her.

      • If they had a fan fiction that called a man’s parts, “ham and eggs” I might read it….wait no I wouldn’t. 🙂

  10. im dying. you’re too much and too #goo

    i voted for all the awful alex ones! hello pink guess pants! the awful ron mag cover, and then i love that there wasnt even voting on the “fan art” cause theyre all awful!

    i hate you even more!

  11. why the HALE was uc’s pic on my comment?! what kind of tomfoolery is happening here at letters2alex?!

    • Oh my, I don’t know what to tell you…I will have to check with VMIC, who can’t even seem to be able to even comment using her blog handle. LTA is madness.

      • I like to use the word “EVEN” today


    (Just saw this tag. BEST EVER.)

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